So you wanna play at CITR 101.9 fm as a guest DJ on Synaptic Sandwich but DJ Cyber won't give you the time of day.
Well  screw that! It's time to really F$&% things up!
If you have Unreal  Tournament for the PC then you too can play at CITR - Anytime you want!
The scenario is Deathmatch. You respawn to fight each other until someone reaches the frag limit.
The catch -  you are only 3 inches high and running around the studio.
You are able to duck under chairs & couches, jump across the mixerboard, land on the turntables then hide in the cupboard.
Interactive highlights in the map include starting and stopping turntables, turning lights off/on and ...well you'll find out!
This map, designed by DJ Cyber and modeled after the  real CITR  studio,  took
many hours (at least over 100) to complete and soon
will be hosted by the Synaptic Sandwich server so you can play this map online against others...
Below are some screenshots along with the "CITR 101.9 fm UT module"

Click on thumb pix for something larger etc.



So here is the damn file already:

CITR 101.9 fm.umod


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